Architectural Technology (221.AO)

Architectural Technology


The Architectural Technology program at Vanier College is a three-year comprehensive training program that leads to exciting and rewarding careers in the design and construction industry. Our graduates find work with architects, engineers, contractors, material suppliers, and the building departments of municipalities and other organisations.

Our program provides an innovative, progressive and nurturing environment that prepares students for advanced education and employment in architecture and other related fields. Students develop technical knowledge as well as communication skills enabling them to present their work in a professional manner through manual and computer drawing skills and class presentations. Individual and team projects provide students with the opportunity to develop the necessary competencies and skills required for a successful career. The language of instruction is English, but French courses are included in the curriculum and students learn the relevant terminology in both languages. Lire la suite du texte…

Bijoya Milli Nath-Chowdhury receives a 2010 OTPQ Méritas bursary from Denis Sénéchal in front of the Green Roof Demonstration Project at Vanier College.

Xavier Trevino
Department Coordinator
Vanier College, Architectura


Richard Klopp


« What does it mean to belong to an organization like the Ordre des technologues professionnels du Québec? It means that you have been entrusted by society to apply your expert skills and knowledge in a responsible fashion. Architectural Technologists make decisions that affect occupant health, public safety, long-term capital investments, and the quality of our built environment. As professionals, we have an ethical obligation to prioritise these broader social concerns above personal interests. In our program at Vanier College, students learn that being professional is not just « what you do », but « how you do it. » Professional conduct is evaluated in every course. Top students not only master the course work, but also demonstrate professionalism in their behaviour and their consideration for others. »

Richard Klopp
Curriculum Coordinator

For further information on the Vanier College Architectural Technology program, please visit our website: http://www.vaniercollege.qc.ca/architectural-technology

At Vanier, architectural technology is not a men’s club: half teaching staff is female and at least half students. In fact, many of the top students and most successful alumni are female!p

At Vanier College Architectural Technology, building tours and construction site visits complement classroom learning. Students are also engaged in educational and humanitarian projects both locally and internationally.