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SLATER COVENDEN - Mechanical Engineering Technology (241. A0)

DAWSON College







SLATER’S perspective on the program

« I like my program, Mechanical Engineering Technology, very much. It is mechanical engineering on a collegial level, which is exactly what I wanted to do in cégep. This program is excellent training to become a professional technologist, and a more practical/hands on pre-university option. All my courses are focused on the practical application of knowledge.

I want to go to university in mechanical engineering after completing my DEC. However, it is difficult to do so with my current DEC profile. This is because I do not take many prerequisite courses as part of my profile. Therefore, if you want to attend university level engineering after this program, you will need to take extra courses on top of your regular workload. The required courses vary between universities. However, I do not mind the extra work because I like my program a lot. If I was given a second chance at choosing my cégep profile, I would choose Mechanical Engineering Technology again. » Access my PROGRAM

A few words about… SLATER

A remarkable sense of humour

“ Michael has been a student of mine for the last two semesters; in that time he has proven himself a diligent student who has shown a strong academic performance.

In addition to his studies he has also been notable for his maturity, his strong sense of scientific curiosity (he is well versed in general scientific knowledge) and his ability to work and co-operate with others. One of the pleasanter aspects of Michael’s character is his politeness (not to common amongst students); he is well mannered and considerate with a remarkable sense of humour.

I’m confident any organization supporting him will be more than happy with him. Any investment in this student’s future will benefit society as a whole. ”

Teacher, Mech. Tech. Dept.

Dawson College




Soccer Team

Engineering is interesting, but it is good to have other hobbies. For example, playing on an inter-CEGEP soccer team.

In the picture on the bottom right is Fiona Man, another student from Mech. Tech. who also happens to be another OTPQ ambassador.

FIRST Robotics Mentor

Slater is a mentor on his high school robotics team, The Northern Knights. Every year his team enters an international robotics competition run by FIRST.

The students, ages 14 to 18, have exactly 6 weeks to build a robot for the competition. Pictured above is his team with the robot for the 2014 game.